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Wrinkle Removal
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Wrinkle Removal

use the cartridges with different depths to focus the accurate energy on the epidermis layer, collagen layer and SMAS layer,so the whole part is pulled up in a single operation to achieve the overall contour lifting and tightening.In addition, the cartridges with different depths are used to treat obesity and chest, locate the body fat layer, tighten the skin and dissolve fat.

Radar carving
use a fine cartridge in the way of rubbing and looping ,and the operation is fine and 360° without dead angle, so that the concentrated energy can reach each part evenly to make it get a better effect.

use the body cartridges with different depths transforms into 65-70 degree heat energy to break and dissolve fat cells by focusing ultrasonic.The intelligent positioning system locates the required fat cells, quickly crushes and dissolves large granular fat cells to reduces the amount of fat, while stimulating collagen contraction and proliferation,and quickly filling the gaps that appear after the fat is ablated. 
Vaginal tightness 
use different depths of therapeutic cartridges to focus the accurate energy on the vaginal collagen layer and SMAS layer, which can produce a thermal effect of 65 ° ~ 70 ° to promotes the reconstruction of collagen fibers and tendons in the deep vaginal mucosa and tight the contraction of SMAS layer, changing the vaginal dryness and relaxation, promoting vaginal mucus secretion during sex, and making sure that the vagina is moist and tender.

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