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Tattoo Removal
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Tattoo Removal

Q-One is a premium Q-switched Nd:YAG laser with extremely short pulse during sustained period can be used in wide variety of applications with high efficiency as it is a highly effectual cure in Pigment Lesions on epidermis and dermis. In addition, an outstanding advantage of Q-One is that laser is selectively absorbed only into melanin pigment without injuring adjacent tissues.

Q-Single Pulse Mode
532nm wavelength removes the pigmentation on epidermis, such as freckles, lentigos and age spots mostly, while 1064nm wavelength cures lesions responding to the pigmentation located deep inside of dermis, such as the tattoo, nevus of ota.

Q-Double Pulse Mode
delivers twin-pulsed, high-output energy at very short intervals. As a pulse is divided into two in the Q-Double Mode, it is associated with less injury to the surrounding tissues, less pain and faster regeneration, compared to the previous single pulse, at the same energy output. It is also associated with less hypo-pigmentation, PIH (post-inflammatory hyper-pigmentation) and other adverse effects.
Quasi-Long Pulse Mode
Quasi-Long Mode (pulse width 300μs @ 1064nm) is a combination of toning and lifting which enables pigmented cells to absorb the laser selectively. It stimulates collagen by the destruction of pigmented cells, and it is useful to general skin for regenerating after peeling, improving loose skin, and minimizing large pores.

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