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Why Choose Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine?
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Why Choose Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine?

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1. The 808nm wavelength laser is born in response to hair removal;

It can effectively treat the hair of really hairy papilla without damaging the epidermis or the tissues around the hair follicle. It can effectively solve the problem of thick hair, heavy hair color, and fast hair growth. It is a hair removal expert! 

2. Hair removal products: such as: hair removal liquid

Degreasing fluid uses the chemicals in it to dissolve the hair structure to achieve the purpose of hair removal. The main ingredient of this preparation is evacuated acetic acid (calcium), which is suitable for people who are afraid of pain but have less sensitive skin and no damage. The operation is time-consuming, especially for people with thick hair, the process is relatively long. Hair removal with this method will grow back in about three days. For customers who have poor skin control, there may be a small amount of side effects: red rash, folliculitis, unclean hair loss, etc.


3. Pull out the tweezers

The effect is particularly obvious, and it can only last for about three days. Before plucking, you must clean all your pores. If the pores are not clean enough, your skin’s resistance will decrease; after plucking, you should also pay attention to avoid irritating your skin, otherwise redness and infection will easily occur.


4. Beeswax hair removal

Wax hair removal is also a hair removal method that can be operated at home, of course, beauty salons also have this item. The method is to use sticky beeswax to stick the body hair and tear it off together. And another kind of patch hair removal is similar to beeswax hair removal. But the pain of beeswax hair removal is particularly strong, and more sensitive people will definitely not be able to bear it. There is no comfort at all, and during treatment, a small area of operation will result in some areas being removed relatively cleanly, and some people will not be removed. Drop unevenly.


Laser hair removal:

Use 808nm semiconductor freezing point painless hair removal laser, also known as freezing point hair removal. Semiconductor freezing point hair removal relies on the principle of selective light and heat, which causes the hair follicle to generate high heat, thereby destroying the structure of the hair follicle and achieving the purpose of hair removal.

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