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What should we do after laser treatment?
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What should we do after laser treatment?

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With the development of laser technology in skin cosmetology, more and more people choose laser cosmetology, wanting to cut the grass and roots.

But you know what? Care after laser surgery is far more important than the laser itself. Improper care after laser surgery will greatly reduce the future effect, and many side effects may occur.

Care within 4 hours after surgery

1. Prevention of postoperative inflammation: mainly manifested as redness, swelling, heat and pain in the operation area. In order to reduce the discomfort caused by the inflammation, a cold mask or ice pack is generally used immediately after the operation to reduce the inflammation.

2. Prevention of infection:The skin in the area undergoing surgery is destroyed, the skin barrier function is impaired, and part of its own defense mechanism has not been reformed, and it is easy to cause infection. Therefore, we must avoid entering the environment that may cause pollution; also need topical antibiotics to prevent infection + medical skin care products to repair the skin barrier.

3. Moisturizing and promoting repair: As the normal sebum membrane structure of the skin is destroyed, the loss of skin moisture is accelerated. In order to help the skin restore its normal structure and function as soon as possible, a medical mask with fibroblast growth factor, human epidermal growth factor, collagen and other ingredients can be used.

3 days after surgery-6 days of care

Cleansing, hydrating and moisturizing. It is recommended to use mild and non-irritating medical skin care products. Avoid using facial cleansers with degreasing, scrub, fruit acid, and deep purification functions.

6 days after surgery

Cleans, moisturizes, sunscreen. At this time, the skin barrier function gradually returns to normal, and daily cleaning and moisturizing can gradually return to normal. Choosing safe, gentle and non-irritating skin care products can better avoid skin sensitivity after laser surgery.

Sun protection! Sun protection! Sun protection!

very important!

Can avoid postoperative pigmentation


Precautions for postoperative care

1. Do not wash your face within 3 days after surgery.

2. Thin scabs will form in the treatment area after 2-3 days, and the scabs will fall off naturally in 7-10 days. Avoid low hands and avoid scars or pigmentation.

3. Avoid drinking alcohol, spicy food, rest as much as possible, light diet, and avoid strong sunlight for two weeks.

4. Don't participate in strenuous exercise, rub your face and receive facial massage to avoid infection or delay treatment.

5. If there are adverse reactions such as hypopigmentation, hyperpigmentation, etc., you should consult a regular hospital in time.


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