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How can the beauty salon survive under the covid-19?
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How can the beauty salon survive under the covid-19?

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In 2020, the country and even the world suffered a thousand years of hardship: the "new coronavirus" attack, all walks of life have been severely hit, and we have even lived a life of "only going out but not going in" on several occasions; The beauty industry is even more difficult; high rents, exquisite products; as well as the salaries of beauticians and consultants; all are being consumed a little bit; at this time, how can we stabilize income; change the status quo?

1. Quickly change ideas: The core of the beauty industry is service. If offline services cannot be achieved, you must master the online service integration; during the period when customers cannot be served, it is the best time to improve the skills of the employees in the store; perfect technology is insufficient , To enhance our own value, we will gain more trust from customers! During this period, the Douyin platform and some online promotions could not support it. At this time, it can attract more customers’ desires so as to lay the foundation for subsequent solutions. It is conceivable that the face should be maintained, but it has not been improved for some reasons , They will pin their hopes on the Internet, at this time, will greatly attract customers' desire to buy;1

2. Repositioning the business direction: It can add some physiotherapy, health care, and health projects; change the mainstream of the current society and change the projects in the store, attract more customers to come to the door, and safeguard the rights and interests of old customers; improve the market Competition; beauty salons must have changes in order to be invincible in response to changes.


3. There is a perfect marketing strategy plan: all sales need strategies, for example: because of the epidemic, our shop will upgrade the physical therapy program for everyone for free; all card holders will give away big health items; enhance their own immunity and improve sub-health problems ; At this time, a small marketing strategy will help you attract many customers;


4. Grasp the customer's heart: Commonly known as the beauty of the heart. The beauty of the heart: unless the appearance is perfect and the heart is not confident, you will still involuntarily deny the beauty of the appearance, only the mentality is stronger, and the feeling of renewal from the inside to the outside is more rejuvenated; therefore, If you want to capture the source of customers and achieve perfection with multiple technologies, you must also learn to listen to the voices of customers; help them build self-confidence; most expectant mothers, when they are young and beautiful, are full of self-confidence. After giving birth, they will become more and more inferior. , Because they don’t believe that they are as beautiful as they were when they were young; after changing this mentality, people will naturally become more beautiful.

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