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2021 Marketing Most Popular Emsculpting Machine Muscle Building Machine
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2021 Marketing Most Popular Emsculpting Machine Muscle Building Machine

  • US380B-C
  • Globalipl
Model No.
Magnetic Output Intensity
Pulse Duration
Working Mode
5 Different working mode1) Relax mode
(2) Physiotherapy mode
(3) Massage mode
(4) Fat reduction mode
(5) Muscle gain mode
Machine Size
Packing Size
Power Supply
Cooling System
air + radiator + cooling fan
Customer Reviews
Q :What is the main principle of this machine?
A:It uses -HiEMT technology, through stimulating the body's motoneurons and making muscles do extreme training,to achieve the
effect of increasing muscle and reducing fat.

Q :What body parts can this machine do?
A:Abdomen, buttock, triceps (upper arm), thigh.

Q:Does this machine need to change the handle? Do they have consumables?
A:It doesn't need to change the handle. It doesn't have any consumables.

Q:How many times is it treated as a course of treatment ? How long will i see the effect after the treatment ?
A:Two times a week, four times a course of treatment, half a month later you can see the effect ! Generally, 6-8 courses of
treatment can get very good results.

Q:How long does the treatment take?
A: No manual operation, automatic mode, only 30 minutes each time!

Q:Does it have radiation, is it safe?
A:What drives muscle movement is the change of electromagnetic energy, not the electromagnetic radiation.It emits less
electromagnetic radiation than our phones. Test report has proved that its radiation range is within the national safety
electrical appliances. You can rest assured of this!

Q:What should we pay attention to after the treatment and what are the precautions?
A:It's OK to eat normally,but don't overeat.
The body with metal objects, can not be operated, Who with cardiovascular encephalopathy can not be operated. One part shall not
be operated for more than one hour.The handle shall not face the customer's head, and the two handles shall not work opposite each
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