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2021 Best Hair Remover Machine Remove Hair Diode Lazer Logo Most Effective Lotuslaser
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2021 Best Hair Remover Machine Remove Hair Diode Lazer Logo Most Effective Lotuslaser

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The energy of light directly acts on the hair follicle tissue of the dermis, and removes the melanin of the hair follicle tissue without damaging the normal skin and sweat glands, thereby achieving permanent hair removal. No pain, comfortable, the most safest technology now in the world.

1.Permanent & Painfree Hair removal on all body of skin type I-VI. 

2.Lip hair removal beard hair removal chest hair removal armpit hair removal back hair removal & hair removal on outside bikini line etc. 

3.Any hair color removal. 

4.Any skin color hair removal.

The Palladium bars

1.Palladium bars pure imported from USA Coherent; 2.AuSn hard solder assembly technology, higher reliability;Never burn out.

Most advanced semiconductor thermal management cooling system
1.The water temperature could decrease 11°C within 8 minutes; 2.Could work continuously for 24 hours/day without stop.

Germany imported ultra-quiet water pump
1.No noise, provide a quiet and comfortable environment for patients. 2.Larger water flow for better cooling, prolong laser and machine life.

Model No.
12 color touch LCD screen
Output power
Laser type
Diode laser
Laser wavelength
Spot size
Pulse width
5-400ms adjustable
Energy density
1-100jcm2 (continuously adjustable)
Cooling mode
Water+air+ Semiconductor Thermal Management System
Power Supply
Aluminum cases
Q: Should I shave before treatment?
A: Shaving is necessary one day before treatment or one day before treatment unless you have instructions from your health care
provider,you can shave again 24 hours after treatment.
Q: Is laser hair removal painful?
A: One of the benefits of laser hair removal is that the treatment is virtually painless,especially compared to waxing,Each pulse
lasts less than second,producing a slight tingling feeling.Our advanced cooling machines used in all laser treatments cools your
skin before,during and post treatment to minimise any discomfort.
Q: How many sessions for hair removal?
A: Above 50% hair will be fall off after one treatment,3-4 weeks for one time,3-5 times for one session.
Q: How many treatments do I need?
A: Typically,6 to 8 treatments are sufficient to provide permanent hair loss.User manual will be together with the machine,we need
to test suitable energy according to different customers.
Q: Will my hair grow back?
A: Actively growing hair should not grow up.Once the hair follicle is damaged,it will not grow hair.However,it is necessary to
treat hair follicles that are not in an active growth phase.
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